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Reading with Magnifying Glass


Preschool     12th Grade 

Accredited Christian Microschool
*Classes led by Certified Teachers


Kids deserve to love school

Families need options outside of traditional public education. Our curriculum and learning experience is a unique, low-ratio, personalized and inclusive approach to Christian Education designed to increase engagement, motivation, and mental well-being as students work to become the strongest version of their future selves.

Coursework includes a unique dual language learning program. Small class sizes with a maximum of eight to ten students ensure a personalized and inclusive environment where each child's needs are met.

Fully Accredited

Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). 

A member of the Merit Scholar Society, the National Honor Society, and the National Junior Honor Society, College Board for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association for NCAA-approved honors and standard coursework.

Affordable, Warm, Flexible & Rigorous

We partner with parents so students can become passionate independent learners. Guided by experienced counselors, students can select the courses that best fits their academic, college, and career desires.


Support Students With Special Needs & Learning Disabilities


Students with Dyslexia

For students with Dyslexia, instruction and assessments can all be customized for them to go at their pace and dig deeper with their teacher.​

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Here are just a few of the accommodations that have helped our students with ASD:

  • clearly established and ordered routines

  • warning and preparation when changes are anticipated

  • planning and practicing communication strategies and social routines

  • student breaks & time-out when necessary

  • visual schedules and graphic organizers

  • visual or written, rather than auditory, instructions

Students with ADD/ADHD

Students who have ADD/ADHD are provided with the support they need to thrive. Distractions are managed and students actively engage in class at all times.

Students with Anxiety

Anxiety comes in many forms: social, school, general, test, and more. At Heart of a Child we can personalize the experience to create a space where students feel safe and supported. Teachers also act as mentors and check in with students throughout the class period and school day.

Why join our Microschool?

Our students learn to celebrate & leverage their thinking differences. They learn how to master their mind & unblock their potential with personalized support. We use adaptive learning technology to track their growth & allow them to progress at their own pace.

Our differentiated curriculum engages them deeply and supercharges their mental acuity.

Our Philosophy

Teach from a Biblical worldview and Christian beliefs.
Provide a strong academic program that satisfies accreditation academic requirements and prepares young people to live successfully in this world. Students will be given a solid foundation in the basics of reading, language, mathematics, science, and history.
Provide Christian teachers who model and teach biblical truth and values for students as elaborated upon in our Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs).

Students will be equipped with a biblical worldview that lives out the Christian faith in prayer, study of Scripture, service to the church and society, and fulfillment of each student’s unique gifting (II Thessalonians 3:3).


Students will be equipped with the mind and knowledge of Christ that empowers them for life-long learning, wise living, and preparedness for future fields of study and vocational aspirations (Philippians 2:5).


Students will have a biblical foundation for honoring their bodies as the image of God and understanding the value of healthy patterns such as exercise, nutrition, hygiene, and rest (II Corinthians 6:16).


Students will have a biblical foundation for respecting and caring for fellow humanity and sharing their lives for the good of others and their own joy (Matthew 20:25–28).

Students will acquire biblical practices that lean upon God’s loving-kindness and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment for emotional health, evaluating and responding to their emotions for positive and fruitful outcomes (Psalm 139:23–24).

Our Mission

To support every unique student on their journey to embrace their God-given talents, develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge, display a Christ-like spirit, and care for their community with kindness, respect, and love.

We accomplish this through promoting Christ-like character, providing our students with a high standard of education, being a loving and supportive community for our students and their families, and equipping students with the skills to pursue their individual, God-given passions and interests. Our educators are dedicated to the school’s motto: “Driven to make a difference in hearts and minds.”


Our Promise

We promise to care for each family and cultivate the academic and spiritual growth of our students from a biblical perspective. We promise to do our best to deliver excellent service and to take action when set expectations are not met by our team. We promise to partner with students and parents in education and to listen and act on feedback as we are able. We promise to treat each family with dignity, respect, and fairness.

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