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In an atmosphere of love, respect, and understanding, the young child is exposed to experiences that are worthwhile and meaningful.  We are committed to developing a partnership between home and the center in which there is ongoing communication for the benefit of the young child.  We are privileged to be entrusted with the care and development of young children.


We provide a loving, secure, educational environment for young children and their families. Our center maintains a safe, age-appropriate, supportive environment where children learn, explore, and experience the world. Our play-based programs encourage the development of the whole child, promote individuality, self-confidence, love of learning, and respect for themselves and others.  



  • To help each child develop trust and respect for him/herself and others.

  • To provide experiences where each child will develop a good self-concept and a positive opinion of him/herself, the family, and the community.

  • To provide direction and discipline as needed.

  • To allow the freedom to explore in a safe environment.

  • To meet the basic health, physical and developmental needs and create a desire to attend school.

  • To help each child to develop a positive attitude towards teachers and others.

  • To teach the use of oral language to express thoughts and feelings and to increase knowledge.

  • To teach the names of objects encountered in daily living.

  • To arouse interest in literature.

  • We aim to develop self-control, self-expression, self-direction, self-confidence, cooperation, creativity, language development, math, and reading readiness.


We provide a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, as well as a positive self-image and a love of learning. We are recognized as a leader in the community for providing a strong foundation for future academic success.
Activities are theme-based and provide a wide variety of hands-on learning experiences. It is through these activities that your child can successfully learn the necessary skills and concepts. At this age, children learn best by doing and opportunities abound for the learning of many important. concepts.


Our Curriculum



We Communicate


We Prioritize

Inclusive Learning

We accommodate a wide range of special and individualized needs in our programs. We offer inclusive programs that focus on each child’s strengths and support a collaborative team approach with the teacher, director, specialists, and families.


The team will work closely together to maximize your child’s opportunities for learning, growth, and development, and minimize any barriers or safety issues that a group program may present.

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